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A relatively new tool used in the industry, real estate CGI images are an effective way to bring property developments to life before construction is completed – or before it has even started.

One of our regular clients Sherry Fitzgerald Hennessy reached out to us to create a set of static CGI images for a new property in Youghal.

One of the key benefits of property CGIs is that they allow clients to speed up the buying process. With CGIs, you don’t have to wait to have the property ready for a physical showing, meaning you can create significant interest from potential buyers – and possibly even procure a sale – before construction is complete.

Our Process

Furnished with architectural drawings from Sherry Fitzgerald Hennessy, our graphic design team set to work creating a suite of photo-realistic CGI renders of the property that were accurately modelled based on the blueprints.

The images featured the exterior of the property, with daytime and nighttime scenes. Images were modelled from a range of angles, including aerial shots, and front and back views from several angles, so that potential buyers can get a well-rounded view of the property. 

To achieve the client’s objectives, it was important for the imagery to display key features of the house and surroundings, portraying the lifestyle that buyers could avail of by purchasing this property. Our graphics team textured and lit the graphics and completed post-production finishes by furnishing the scene with smaller details such as foliage, a driveway, and cars. This ensured high levels of realism in the images. 

The surrounding area was also modelled to be as true-to-life as possible, including features such as site elevation. The images were also rendered to convey the sleek, contemporary design of the property.

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