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R.E.M. Real Esate Marketing partnered with Paul O’Driscoll Auctioneers, Donal Relihan of Vella Homes, and Cork County Council to bring the vision of Rathealy Close to life.


Our strategy for the new housing development included:

Crafting a captivating brand identity built on in depth market research. We conducted both primary and secondary research to get an understanding of the area and the target market. This research equipped with knowledge and local understanding to create a brand that would reflect the new housing development but also resonate with the target market.

Designing and developing an engaging website. Our in-house web development team worked closely with Paul O’Driscoll Auctioneers, Vella Homes and the Cork County Council to understand what they wanted to achieve from the website. The main goals were information provision and lead generation. This allowed us to craft a website with clearly defined goals and navigational paths throughout. The website was designed in lines with the brand guidelines and included all key information, such as, house types, floor plans, site maps, CGIs, purchasing information and house specifications.

Creating compelling brochure content and design. We designed a development brochure containing all key information on the new housing development and the locality of Fermoy to give potential buyers everything they needed to make an informed decision. We wrote all copy for the brochure which was guided by our research phase of the project and the visual design of the brochure included all visual content we created, such as, imagery, CGIs, floorplans, etc…

Crafting eye-catching on-site signage. Given the location of the site and its close proximity to a main road in Fermoy, we used on site signage to generate awareness, website traffic and leads for the development. Our in house graphic design team created the visuals for the signage which included a clear call-to-action of visiting the brand website or contacting the auctioneers. We also managed the printers and quality control of the signage.

Designing quality and realistic internal and external CGIs. As this is a new build development, our in-house design team created accurate and realistic computer-generated images (CGIs) to give potential buyers an insight into how the externals and internals of the development will look. These CGIs were created using the architect’s drawings to ensure each and every aspect was accurate.

As you can see, Real Estate Marketing combined creativity with digital and traditional channels to make the new brand of Rathealy Close a reality.

It’s been a lot of fun working on this project to date, and we’re excited for the next phase.

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