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A key challenge in developing a property marketing strategy is to encourage people to buy-in to the focal development. Every new property development has its own unique attributes and therefore, unique challenges. For Eden Blackrock, its geographical location was bordering with a less affluent area than Blackrock. As a result of this, there seemed to be a hangover of a slightly negative perception towards the location of this development. We were charged with creating a property marketing strategy that highlighted the positive attributes, amenities and qualities of this new development, so that any dubiousness surrounding its location was alleviated.


REM embarked on creating a visual identity for Eden Blackrock with a positive look and feel. This was crafted around a tone of voice that positioned the development as a place of aspiration, quality and simply, a fantastic place to live. Building on this, we developed a messaging strategy that focused on the benefits of this location being in close proximity to a number of amenities, its accessibility to the city, the high specifications of these future-proofed homes, and their unique selling points.

A detailed campaign was constructed with a content strategy that presented our crafted message to the target audience. This included digital advertising such as banner ads and social media directing people towards the website. Offline advertising provided results through press adverts with design of hoarding and signage playing a key role in portraying the development’s message.


Stage 1 Development has all been sold with a consistently high viewing request rate and no need to reduce the price of the houses. The success of stage 1 has accelerated plans for stage 2 in building further homes on the site.

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